Bass of the Week: Verso Musical Instruments Gravis Bass Guitar

Verso Musical Instruments Gravis Bass Guitar

Luthier Robin Stummvoll of Verso Musical Instruments has a unique take on basses and guitars, but it’s not just for the sake of making something different. His designs are based on his fundamental beliefs of keeping things economical and effective.

“It is crucial for me to take a big step back and ask questions that are essential but often overlooked or ignored due to tradition or expectations. In order to ensure that local instrument manufacturing remains competitive against low-cost mass production, it makes sense to simplify processes, reduce components and concentrate on the internal production of almost all individual parts,” he writes on his website. “By using ‘unheard’ materials and implementing new usage, the expectations of and about guitarists can be changed – creating instruments that create a new space for ideas. Verso means the back of the paper – and this is how I see my instruments: inspiring for players who want to create something new.”

The “unheard” materials include utilizing a piece of folded sheet metal for the body of his instruments, including the Gravis Bass Guitar. Since it has a metal body, Verso is able to offer another innovation: magnet-mounted pickups that can be freely moved. Aside from placing the pickup wherever you like, they are easily interchangeable with noiseless SMB connectors, allowing you to swap pickups within seconds.

Verso makes humbuckers and single coils in three custom windings. The pickups are then housed in covers that match your choice of neck wood: maple, ash, walnut, or cherry.

Stummvoll writes that the Gravis can sound open and resonant as well as fat and bulky. As a short-scale bass, it has more attack and shorter sustain than standard 34-inch scale basses.

Hear the Gravis in action with this demo by Fathan Nauv:

Finally, Verso offers some custom options on specs and eight colorways: Pidgeon Blue, Pastel Green, Zinc Yellow, Moss Green, Oyster White, Shell Pink, Signal Black, and Vermilion Red.

Verso Instruments Gravis Bass Guitar Specs:

Body:Sheet Metal
Neck:Carbon Reinforced Maple, Ash, Walnut, or Cherry
Fingerboard:Maple, Ash, Walnut or Cherry
Fingerboard Radius:12″
Pickups:Movable Single Coil or Humbucker (Up to Four Possible)
Controls:Single Control Knob (Volume or Tone)
Tuners:Schaller M4
Other:Includes Mono Sleeve Bag and Richter Strap

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  1. Trey

    Pretty cool looking and sounding. I’d prefer a headstock where the string passes straight over the nut rather than the break the E string has, seems like that is kind of problematic and easily solved. Love the idea of movable pickups.

    • Greg Knell

      How does the moveable pick up work?
      Does it’s natural magnetic property adhere to the sheet metal? What is the signal path?

  2. bassbrad

    $2200+ ain’t exactly affordable, or is it?