Rockboard Introduces ISO Power Block V10 Power Supply

Rockboard by Warwick ISO Power Block V10 Power Supply

Rockboard by Warwick has introduced a new power supply called the ISO Power Block V10. The unit features eight 9-volt outputs with two 18-volt outputs for a total of 10 isolated transformers.

“The advanced filtering technology used in each of the power slots prevents high-frequency noise. Through individual short circuit protection for each slot, connected effects pedals are effectively protected in case of a short circuit,” the company states. “Individual LEDs indicate short circuits for each of the 9V outputs. In case of a short circuit, only the affected slot is being turned off, so undisturbed use of the rest of the effects pedals is guaranteed.”

The ISO Power Block V10 Ships with a power adapter with ten power cables, including Y-cables. It’s available now for $195.

Rockboard by Warwick ISO Power Block V10 Power Supply Features:

Multi-power supply for effects pedals with ten transformer isolates power slots
Advanced filter technology prevents high-frequency noise
External transformer prevents low-frequency interference
Max. total current output 2.000 mA
8 x 9V power outputs @ 150 mA each, 2 x 18V power outputs @ 400 mA each
Individual status LEDs and short circuit protection for all 9V DC slots
Includes 1 x power adapter 18V DC, 2A with plug adapters (EU, UK, US/CA, AU/NZ)
Includes 10 x RockBoard Flat Power Cable, 60 cm, incl. 1 x RockBoard Power Ace Voltage Doubler Y-Cable, incl. 1 x RockBoard Power Ace Current Doubler Y-Cable,
Dimensions: (LxWxH)3/16″x23/14″x1″
Weight: 0.4lbs

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