Frowin Ickler: People Get Ready

Frowin Ickler sent us his latest video, where he pays tribute to Jeff Beck and Curtis Mayfield with a solo bass arrangement of “People Get Ready.”

“With Jeff Beck, we’ve lost another great musician!” Frowin shared. “Interestingly, the first Jeff Beck song that came into my mind was ‘People Get Ready.’ I always liked his live version of the song. And this is truly one of the best songs of all time; the message is so timeless, and the melody too. As I prepared my solo bass arrangement, I read about the life of Curtis Mayfield and the tragic accident on stage he had in 1991, and because of that, he never got healthy and died in 1999. Curtis and Jeff, I hope you can hear this, wherever you are.”

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  1. Bob Sled

    Beautiful! Well done, sir!

  2. David Lee

    Spectacular brother! This version is actually very spiritual! Thank You

  3. Steven G Hill

    Modified Fender Jazz?