Anton Davidyants Releases Debut Album, “Avalanche”

Anton Davidyants: AvalancheAnton Davidyants is one of the world’s top bassists, and we’ve been enjoying his playing for over a decade. Having been a successful accompanist for years, he’s now stepped out to release his debut album called Avalanche. Davidyants took the opportunity to make a highly creative endeavor, performing a six-part suite that blends jazz and classical music. The record is filled out by pianist Evgeny Lebedev, drummer Ignat Kravtsov, and members of the OpensoundOrchestra.

“I wanted to do something unusual,” says Anton Davidyants,“which is whyI chose not to do the standard funk/fusion/soul thing that bass players often do. Recently I’ve been in love with classical music, so I saw fit to do something close to that realm. The music was written by my friend and mentor Vardan Hovsepyan. For me, he’s one of the best pianists and composers in the whole world, a perfect blend of academic music and jazz. I asked him to write athematic work, taking into account my technical capabilities and musical preferences. Using my favorite pieces as an example, we discussed what music should be like, and in the end Vardan came up with the quintessence of everything that I love. In terms of genre it’s a kind of crossover or, if you will, a third stream thing.”

Check out music with this studio clip of Davidyants performing the second movement of the suite.

Avalanche is available now on streaming services including iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Avalanche Track List:

  1. Movement 1
  2. Movement 2
  3. Movement 3
  4. Movement 4
  5. Movement 5
  6. Movement 6

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