Benson Amps Announces B700 Bass Amp

Benson Amps B-700 Bass Amp

Benson Amps has launched a new bass amp called the B700. Designed with bassist Joe Lally of Fugazi and The Messthetics, the high-voltage head features a tube preamp matched to a 700-watt class D output section.

Benson B700 Bass Amp StackThe circuit began as a thrown-together amp Benson made for his bandmate that Lally used as backline on a tour. Impressed by the sound and power, he asked for his own.

“Since the original circuit was sort of thrown together,” the company explains, “Chris did a deep dive into how much flexibility one could get out of three knobs… with Joe’s playing in mind….and tapped Bryan Sours for a custom nickel DI transformer so that the amp could be used as a studio-quality preamp, or just a nice sound for front of house. After several revisions, the B700 is ready to make the world a lot louder!”

The amp has just three controls – Volume, Treble, and Bass. Benson says the amp transforms depending on the EQ settings, becoming a “high fidelity punch machine” when the Bass and Treble are above noon or getting really gritty with the tone down and volume cranked.

Benson suggests their 15N bass cabinet to pair with the head. Hear the B700 in action with Joe Lally:

The Benson B700 Bass Amp is $1,599, while the Benson 15N cabinet costs $1,099. Benson’s waitlist is currently closed.

Benson B700 Bass Amp Specs:

High voltage all tube preamp
Nickel DI output
700 watts output at 2.6 ohm load (approximately 175 at 8 ohms)
17 lbs
19″ x 8.25″ x 8.25″

Benson 15N Bass Cabinet Specs:

500 Watt Celestion bass driver
Dimensions: 21″ wide, 24″ tall, 14″ deep
Black Tolex with metal corners, silver grill cloth.

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