Dunlop Unveils Trivium Hybrid Wound Nickel Bass Strings

Dunlop Trivium Hybrid Wound Nickel Bass Strings

Dunlop has teamed up with Trivium’s Paolo Gregoletto for a new set of signature strings that they say give him a bigger, bolder tone. The Trivium Hybrid Wound Nickel Bass Strings are crafted with alternating nickel and steel windings matched to a nickel outer wrap.

“Nickel layers provide a big, punchy low end while the steel layers allow you to cut through the mix with an aggressive midrange,” the company states. “Boosted by steel and tamed by nickel, the top end is pronounced yet musical. Under the fingers, Hybrid Wound Bass Strings are smooth and comfortable to play. From tone to touch, you won’t find a more exceptionally balanced set of bass strings.”

The strings come in a five-string set with gauges from .045 to .105. They’re available now for $35.

Trivium Hybrid Wound Bass Nickel Strings Features:

Designed to produce a bigger, bolder tone for Paolo Gregoletto
Unique blend of nickel and steel windings for tonal and tactile balance
Nickel layers deliver a punchy, powerful low end
Steel layers provide an aggressive midrange that cuts through the mix
Top end is pronounced yet musical—boosted by steel and tamed by nickel

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