Dunlop Introduces Dual Dynamic Hybrid Nickel Bass Strings

Dunlop Dual Dynamic Hybrid Nickel Bass Strings

Dunlop has expanded their range of bass strings with the Dual Dynamic Hybrid Nickel set. The company describes the new design as a “best of both worlds” between nickel and steel strings.

“Each Dual Dynamic Hybrid Nickel string features a nickel outer winding that provides a fat, punchy low end and an inner steel winding that puts your bass front and center with an aggressive midrange. The result is a big, bold, and impeccably balanced spectrum of tones. With a robust fundamental complemented by vibrant definition, every groove you play will be packed with a hefty low end and cut through with just the right amount of clarity. And it’s not just about the sound—these strings are exceptionally comfortable under your fingertips.”

Dunlop offers the Dual Dynamic Hybrid Nickel strings in four and five-string versions. The gauges range from 45-105 for the four-string set and 45-125 for the five-string set.

They’re available now with street prices of $22 and $27.

Dunlop Dual Dynamic Hybrid Nickel Bass Strings Features:

4 and 5 string sets
Nickel outer winding with Steel inner winding
Smooth to the touch for comfortable playability
Exceptional balance from tone to touch

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  1. Tom B.

    Are the Dunlop Hybrids roundwound or flatwounds?