Eminence Introduces 15-inch CannaBass Speaker

Eminence CannaBass CB3015N-8 Speaker

Eminence has added a second model to their CannaBass line of speakers for bass guitars. The CB3015N-8 is a 15-inch driver that pumps out 1,000 watts. As part of the series, the new speaker utilizes “cutting-edge speaker technology, a hemp dust cap, and a proprietary CBD coating.”

“The unique CBD formula coats the back of the black paper cone of the CB3015N-8, providing organic and natural damping properties that enhance its smooth frequency response,” they write. “This innovative coating technology ensures the speakers produce a pure sound faithful to the source.”

It has a high-temperature neodymium magnet, which they say delivers a steady flux field and high-quality sound.

The Eminence CannaBass CB3015N-8 is available now for $279.99.

Eminence CannaBass CB3015N-8 Driver Features:

Power: 1,000 Watts
Black Paper Cone with CBD Coating
Green Hemp Dust Cap
High-Temperature Neo Magnet
Three-inch inside/outside wound voice coil

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