Carlos Henriquez Tells “A Nuyorican Tale” on New Album

Carlos Henriquez: A Nuyorican TaleJazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra bassist Carlos Henriquez has been studying and exploring the history of Latin Jazz for most of his life. He’s also used it as a way to express the history of his own life. Following up on 2021’s The South Bronx Story, Henriquez has just released a new solo album called A Nuyorican Tale, which expands the scope from his own experiences into the history of Puerto Ricans in New York City as a whole.

“After you listen to these Latin-Jazz interpretations of the stories that I feel are the pinnacle and representation of my life, you, too, will get a sense of the importance of my people and their culture and what they’ve provided via their stories and music to our city,” the bassist and composer explains. “’A Nuyorican Tale’ is more than just music. It is a three-dimensional acknowledgment of souls from Africa, and our native Taino family all blended as one. When you combine these, you experience a Nuyorican: one who carries the torch and bears the rhythmic souls of our ancestors.”

Henriquez tapped a host of talent to tell his tale, including vocalist and flutist Jeremy Bosch, trumpeters Mike Rodriguez and Terrell Stafford, trombonist Marshall Gilkes, tenor saxophonist Melissa Aldana, pianist Robert Rodriguez, percussionist Anthony Almonte, and drummer Obed Calvaire.

Each song tells a story, from the opener “Nuyorican Souls” to “Robert’s Red Line.” The track “Bodegas Groove” sets a mellow tempo to embody the welcoming vibes from owners of neighborhood delis. “They treated families well and made the neighborhood feel cool,” Henriquez explains.

The song features a killer solo from Stafford as well as an intense bowed solo from Henriquez:

A Nuyorican Tale is out now digitally via iTunes, Amazon MP3, and more.

A Nuyorican Tale Track List:

  1. Nuyorican Soul
  2. Bodegas Groove
  3. Latin Gemini
  4. Afro Monk
  5. My Isla Bonita
  6. Chankalets Blues
  7. Robert’s Red Line
  8. Ritmo 53
  9. Winds of Change

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