Aguilar Introduces Instrument and Speaker Cables

Aguilar Instrument and Speaker Cables

Aguilar has expanded their product lineup by introducing a new range of instrument and speaker cables. Designed with bassists in mind, the cables were made to be “sonically transparent but also robust in design.”

“It’s not just about connecting an instrument to an amplifier; it’s about ensuring that every nuance is captured and transmitted flawlessly,” the company writes. “Designed by and for bassists, these cables represent a fusion of superior sonics with road-worthy build quality. Paired with custom plugs and Neutrik jacks, Aguilar cables are a durable and trustworthy companion for every bassist’s toolset.”

The instrument cables come in 10-foot- and 20-foot lengths with straight or right-ang. They’re built with OFC conductors, custom wire gauges, conductive PE shielding, and an additional spiral shield for extra coverage. The speaker cables come in 3-foot and 6-foot lengths. They have a heavy gauge conductor with unique wire gauges for balanced mids and highs.

The Aguilar Instrument and Speaker cables will be available soon with TBD price points.

Aguilar Instrument Cables Features:

10' or 20' length
Straight and Right Angle Connectors
OFC Conductors, custom wire gauges for wide tonal balance
Conductive PE shielding for low microphonics
Additional spiral shield for 100% shield coverage

Aguilar Speaker Cables Features:

3' or 6' length
Heavy Gauge conductor (18AWG)
Unique wire gauges for balanced mids and highs

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