Two Notes Unveils the Opus Amp Simulator

Two Notes Opus Amp Simulator

Two Notes has announced the Opus Amp Simulator, a pedalboard-friendly unit that features preamp and poweramp tube-stage modeling for tone on the go. It has a total of five amp sims that can be edited using their Torpedo Remote app to dial in your sound.

The Opus has one bass specific simulator called “Peggy” that they say offers the “pinnacle in low-end theory.”

“Pushing complex harmonic overtones, a warm midrange, and oodles of rafter ratlin’ thump, Peggy delivers the perfect blend of classic ’60s bass sonics with expertly-tuned tweak-ability to sit your tone in any pocket!” Two Notes states.

The guitar amp models include the Foundry, Albion, Foxy, and NiftyFifty, each of which has their own characteristics. Aside from the models themselves, the Opus has a suite of DSP-powered processors and effects (EQ, Enhancer, NosieGate, and Reverb) with 99 preset locations, a MIDI input, a USB-C port for data transfer, and a Dual Static IR Loader and Acoustic DI with over 40 acoustic impulse responses included.

The Two Notes Opus is out now for $299.99.

Two Notes Opus Amp Simulator Features:

Pre and Power Amp Tube Stage Modeling
MIDI Integration
USB-C Connectivity
5 Amp Models
Torpedo Remote Integration
Suite of DSP-Powered Processors and Effects
99 Preset Locations with 40+ Artist Series Presets Included
Dual Static IR Loader and Acoustic DI
Metal Chassis

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