Cortex Bass Unveils the Ganesha 5-string at NAMM

Cortex Bass Ganesha 5-string Bass

Cortex Bass attended the 2024 NAMM Show in part to introduce the latest in its lineup. The Ganesha Bass, the company says, was designed to “suit all players ” and comes in four, five, or six-string versions.

The bass’s singlecut body is constructed with three layers: a precious wood top, the body core, and a precious wood back. Cortex offers several body wood options and explains that the bass can have a matching headstock. You may notice that the bass features a headless tuning system but still has a headstock.

“Why? Simply because giving the low B string some slack after the nut gives it de facto a longer scale,” Cortex explains.

The neck is flame maple, walnut, or mahogany, with further options of padouk, zebrano, wenge, purpleheart, or quilt maple. Cortex can fit the fretboard with oval or rectangle inlays.

The Ganesha can be configured in several ways with Delano pickups. “In short, you can set up your Ganesha as a P-Bass® (inverted or not), or in combination with a bridge pickup offering you Stingray® type pickup(s) or Jazz-Bass® type pickups… or both, the whole provided by Delano,” they write on their website. They offer either Glockenklang or Noll preamps to boot.

The Cortex Ganesha is currently only offered as a fretted instrument, but a fretless option is also on the way. It’s available for order now, starting at approximately $3,140.

Cortex Ganesha Deluxe Bass Photos:

Cortex Ganesha Deluxe Bass Specs:

Strings:4, 5, or 6
Body:3-layer Sandwich
Neck:Flame Maple or Walnut, Mahogany, Padouk, Zebrano, Wenge, Purpleheart, Quilt Maple
Fingerboard:Maple, Beechwood
Inlays:Rectangle or Oval
Pickups:Delano PC HE/M2 stand alone, or in combination with MC HE/M2; Delano PC AL, PMVC AL/M2 or PMVC FE/M2 in combination with the Jay-Ray, MC AL, MC AL/V4 or MC FE
Electronics:Glockenklang 2 or 3-band, Noll 2 or 3-band
Bridge:Headless ABM 3901

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  1. Ruben DeLaRosa Jr

    A headstock on a headless system bass? Weird. Pretty bass, though. I bet she plays like butter.