Broughton Audio Introduces the Fliptop Preamp Pedal

Broughton Audio Fliptop Preamp Pedal

Broughton Audio has introduced the Fliptop, a pedal that combines the magic of the B15 amplifier with a more portable unit. The JFET preamp is modeled after the iconic amp, with gain staging and EQ sections that give the feel and response of a vintage tube amp.

“In addition to the James stack EQ and gain staging, the Fliptop adds a Master volume control on the output so you can dial in the amount of drive you want while adjusting the volume as needed,” they add.

Additionally, a Cab knob acts as a wet/dry control to apply cab tone to the preamplifier’s output. “Dialing in more of the cab response tightens the low end and cuts the high frequencies for a warm, vintage tone. The frequency response is modeled after the 15″ cab,” Broughton explains.

The Broughton Audio Fliptop is available now direct for $185.

Broughton Audio Fliptop Preamp Pedal Features:

Modeled after B-15
2-band James Stack EQ
Gain and Master Knobs
Cab Knob
True Bypass
9-24V DC power
Dimensions: 4.77″ long x 2.6″ wide

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