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  • New School: Jauqo III-X

    New School: Jauqo III-X

    Jauqo III-X is a bassist that plays by his own rules. After coming up in a household filled the sounds of jazz and Motown, Jauqo picked up bass as a teenager and never looked back. “My interest in Bass grew into—for lack of a better word—an obsession,” he shared on his website. “If it was... »

  • New School: Steve Metcalf

    New School: Steve Metcalf

    We’ve featured double bassist Steve Metcalf plenty of times for his incredible arrangements of popular songs including the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Can’t Stop”, Coldplay’s “Clocks” and Radiohead’s “Reckoner.” Every time he makes a new video, he tops the last one and blows our minds again. A graduate of Indiana University, Metcalf lists his goal... »

  • New School: Todd Matthews

    New School: Todd Matthews

    Todd Matthews first caught our attention with his awesome looping rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” on double bass. Since then, the innovative bassist has refined his style even further to include effects and incredible arrangements to fill out the sound of an entire orchestra. He recently released his debut solo album, Here Come the Pig... »

  • New School: Mike Dimin

    New School: Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin is a bassist that focuses on stretching what he calls “The Chordal Approach.” Inspired in part by jazz guitarist Joe Pass, Dimin took his knowledge of melody, harmony, and rhythm to start making chord-melody arrangements of songs for bass. He also utilizes a looper to create “lush arrangements of everything from Jazz Standards... »

  • New School: Quintin Berry

    New School: Quintin Berry

    Quintin Berry is a bassist who sticks out. Instead of holding his bass like most players, Berry created what he calls the “cradle style,” in which his right arm supports the body of the bass while the neck angles down towards the ground. It developed out of applying things he learned from violin lessons, and... »

  • New School: Stew McKinsey

    New School: Stew McKinsey

    Stew McKinsey is a bassist with an affinity for extended range instruments. It wasn’t long after getting into the 4-string that he was introduced to a 5-string, then a 6-string, and so on. His current arsenal includes a 10-string Conklin Sidewinder. While that may seem extreme, McKinsey is quick to point out his efforts are... »

  • New School: Darren Michaels

    New School: Darren Michaels

    Atlanta-based bassist Darren Michaels is helping to expand the role of our instrument. With extended techniques and an open mind, Michaels has been finding new sounds to convey his music in both band and solo contexts, though he dislikes the term “solo bass.” It’s not the technique that drives him, but the connection of music... »

  • New School: Trip Wamsley

    New School: Trip Wamsley

    Trip Wamsley has been pushing the convention of bass playing for years by experimenting with extended range basses, piccolo tuning, and out-of-this world technique. He’s one of those guys who can seemingly play anything with ease. Besides his phenomenal playing, his style is creativity knows no bounds. His creativity is found in his supportive bass... »

  • New School: Jayme Lewis

    New School: Jayme Lewis

    With a new album and videos (see below) to accompany its release, Jayme Lewis has been taking the online bass community by storm with his awe-inspiring playing and tight band compositions. Lewis puts the bass out front in all the right ways, letting his equally skilled bandmates take the lead when the time is right.... »

  • New School: Scott Fernandez

    New School: Scott Fernandez

    Extended range bass artist Scott Fernandez is pushing musical boundaries. Equally comfortable on a 4-string as well as his 12-string, Fernandez incorporates his extended techniques to create lush harmonies, intense counterpoint, and intriguing melodies. His arsenal of effects pedals also help to create thick soundscapes while adding depth to his compositions. Fernandez only stepped out... »