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Bass Gear: The Latest Basses, Amps, Effects & More

Pedals & Effects

Gear Watch: Aguilar’s TLC Compressor

Aguilar Amplification has announced the TLC Compressor, the newest addition to their line of bass gear. The TLC Compressor is designed for both recording and live use and features a four-knob layout with a wide range of attack times, as well as variable threshold and slope levels. Features include: Threshold control: variable from -30 to -10 dBu Slope control: variable...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Ansir Basses

Everyone has their own personal method to holding the bass guitar. Some people prefer a more extreme angle, others only use a slight tilt and still others flip it completely around. Ansir Music, a small start up company, is now creating fully customized basses to fit that perfect playing angle. They have a patented measuring system to produce your personal...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Superior Bassworks Strings

Did you know that there are specific types of strings for the upright bass? You get different strings for the different styles of music you can play – even different tunings if you’re playing a classical solo bass piece. Now there is a company dedicated to producing bass strings specifically with rockabilly players in mind: Superior Bassworks. Superior Bassworks creates...

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Bass Gear

Jeff Schmidt and Melodyne Editor

There’s a new product coming out that may re-shape the way we think of music. Melodyne Editor, a Direct Note Access (DNA) program offered by Celemony, is the first of it’s kind. You can analyze a piece of music and change any note in polyphonic material. Watching this software in action borders on spooky. Bassist Jeff Schmidt has posted a...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Kala Ukulele uBass

Kala Ukulele has just released their latest invention: the Ka uBass. The uBass is an instrumental fusion with surprisingly cool results. This instrument produces a full low end and even with the 16 frets and diminished size it functions just like a bass guitar. The uBass was formed as a collaboration between Kala and Road Toad music and is built...

Bass Gear

Epiphone 75th anniversary amplifier series

This year is the 75th anniversary of Epiphone, making them the oldest amplifier company in the world currently in production. To celebrate, Epiphone has been running “75 years of Great Tone” series every three weeks. The series is now up to four installments: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Epiphone currently produces multiple bass guitar series including: Allen...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: TimeStretch

eMedia Music Corp, the group who brought us Band-In-A-Box, are delivering a cool new software package to improve your practicing: TimeStretch. TimeStretch lets you play back any piece of music at any speed without changing the pitch (sorry Mac users, this is Windows only). Additionally, the software can transpose a piece of music, so you can practice in all the...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: NXT Double Bass

NS Design has announced that the NXT Double bass will be available on November 1st 2009. The NXT series is created in the Czech Republic by the same makers of the well known CR Series bass. The NXT will also make use of the NS standard dual-mode polar pickup, designed for lateral sensitivity to get the most out of the...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Lava Cable Retro Coil

You can have the best bass out there and an awesome amp, but a poor cable connecting the two will still affect your tone. To help get the best sound possible, Lava Cables is releasing a new version of their popular Retro Coil cable. One major change in the new Retro Coil is the cable length. Coiled cables use a...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Fender Bassman TV

Fender has brought out a blast from the past with a new spin in the Bassman TV series of combo amps and cabinets. The design is reminiscent of the original 1950’s style Bassman amplifiers but with new technology to help you create the best tone. The Bassman TV has a tube preamp and as well as two instrument inputs providing...

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Wal Basses is back

After a time of uncertainty, Wal Basses is back in action, keeping their tried and true detail oriented approach to bass building and great tone. The company is once again accepting orders. Luthier Paul Herman, from Electric Wood, is now on board and is creating the instruments. Wal Basses and Electric Wood both began in England and were founded by...

Bass Gear

Limited Edition Gene Simmons Axe Bass

KISS fans, here is your chance: Gene Simmons is selling a limited edition Axe Bass designed, numbered and signed by the man himself in each city on their latest tour. The bass comes with a customized case and you get to meet Simmons in person on the tour. Each case is individually hand painted and is build to hold the...