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Bass Transcription: “Overjoyed” by Victor Wooten

This month’s transcription is “Overjoyed” by Victor Wooten. This superb arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s classic song was originally found on Victor’s debut album A Show of Hands, although this video from 1987 shows that Victor had been playing it for nearly ten years prior to the release of that album:

I believe that this arrangement of the song was also inspired by Stanley Clarke’s cover version, which appeared on his 1986 album Hideaway. Although Stanley’s version was a smooth jazz reading of the tune, it certainly seems to have influenced Victor’s very challenging two-handed tapping arrangement.

Good luck with this piece. It’s a tough one to play well but you’ll be pleased with yourself once you have it down – I know I was!

Download the transcription (PDF file), which includes both standard notation and tab.