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Ryan Madora

Ryan Madora

Redefining the look of traditional bass players, Ryan Madora is currently lighting up the Nashville music scene with old school soul and blues inspired grooves. After graduating from New York University with a B.M. in Music Business, Ryan began her career as a player in her hometown of Philadelphia. After a few years playing in different projects, teaching lessons and ensembles, and traversing the tri-state area, she decided to shift gears. In early 2012, Ryan packed up the car, threw the basses in the back, and made the move to Nashville.

Ryan began playing bass at the age of 14 after spending a handful of years playing percussion. Her world was flipped upside-down after seeing the Blues Brothers movies and “Standing in the Shadows of Motown.” Since then, she has always aspired to be a great “groove” player while maintaining a strong sense of melody.

Well versed in various styles including Top 40, folk, country, rock, and zydeco, her true love is the blues. In addition to playing, Ryan has been active in the music industry, focusing on concert production, promotion, booking, and performing rights organizations. Ryan works with various artists in Nashville and beyond but enjoys maintaining her East Coast roots. She has studied with Gerald Veasley, Anthony Wellington, Mike Richmond, Chuck Anderson, Adam Nitti, and many others.

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