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  • Gear Watch: Orange Shows Off Terror Bass Amps at Summer NAMM

    Gear Watch: Orange Shows Off Terror Bass Amps at Summer NAMM

    After recently naming Geddy Lee as an endorsing artist, Orange Amps was proudly showing off their newest bass goodies at Summer NAMM. Orange expanded their Tiny Terror line to the low end, with the Terror Bass 500 and 1000. A compact head weighing in at 5kg (11.02 lbs), the Terror bass is a hybrid amp... »

  • Mark Hoppus Announces New Blink-182 Album in the Works

    Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus has revealed that the band is working on a new album. From a post on his blog “…we’ll be in the studio recording the new blink-182 album. Until it is finished. I cannot be more clear on this: new Blink-182 music is on the way… All of us have ideas... »

  • Gear Watch: The Vee Strap

    Gear Watch: The Vee Strap

    The new Vee Strap is an innovative solution to the problem of finding the right way to hold a heavy or uncomfortable bass. It features a dual-shoulder strap design that evenly distributes weight and stabilizes your instrument. Essentially, it is two straps built into one, coming together in a “V” on your back and buttoning... »

  • Gear Watch: Gold Tone PBB and BB-400+

    Gear Watch: Gold Tone PBB and BB-400+

    While checking out all the great new gear at NAMM, the Gold Tone booth really caught our eye with some great twists on the bass. New for 2010 is their PBB model, a resonator bass with an extending aluminum endpin allowing it to sit in an upright position. The bass has a 32″ scale, with... »

  • Sublime with Rome Announce Tour

    Sublime with Rome have announced an extensive tour as a follow-up to their debut 6-date trek in April and May. The group continues to perform popular songs from Sublime’s self-titled album, which was released just after original singer Brad Nowell’s death. Bassist Eric Wilson explained earlier this year, “Many of our songs have never been... »

  • Gear Watch: EMG X Series Pickup Sets for Jazz Bass

    Gear Watch: EMG X Series Pickup Sets for Jazz Bass

    EMG has released Jazz bass versions of their X series pickups: the JX, JAX, and JVX sets. The brand’s X-Series is made to provide increased headroom, giving the voicing an organic and open tone while keeping great clarity and response. EMG describes them as “bridging the gap between passive and active tone.” The JX retains... »

  • Gear Watch: Digitech BP90 Multi-Effects Processor

    Gear Watch: Digitech BP90 Multi-Effects Processor

    Digitech released the new BP90 Bass Multi-Effects Processor as part of their appearance at the 2010 Summer NAMM Show. Powered by the AudioDNA 2 processor, the BP90 is built to digitally represent equipment including stompboxes, amplifiers, cabinets, and tons of effects. In all, it features 27 effects, 11 amps, five cabinets, and five stompboxes to... »

  • Summer NAMM Gear Watch: Fleabass Street Bass

    Summer NAMM Gear Watch: Fleabass Street Bass

    The Fleabass line will be expanding with the coming of the Street Bass model, due to ship in late July. The Street Bass is an even more affordable version of the already available Touring Bass, which Flea himself is using to tour and write the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album with. The Street model... »

  • Help Kickstart Tri-Fi’s New Album

    Jazz trio Tri-Fi, featuring bassist and Scott Lafaro expert Phil Palombi, have announced that they are in the process of creating a new album. The CD will be their third album, following up on 2007’s Postcards. To fund the project, they have created a Kickstarter account, which asks for donations in return for gifts, ranging... »

  • Low Notes for Nashville Kicks Off NAMM Weekend Right

    The guys from Low Notes for Nashville really know how to throw a party. Low Notes For Nashville – The Benefit Concert was held last night in Nashville, with a non-stop, 4+ hour lineup of bassists performing and sharing stories about Nashville, area musicians and ways to help people impacted by the flooding that took... »