Yannick Koffi: Nine Year Old Bass Wonder

Nine year-old Yannick Koffi is barely big enough to hold up a bass guitar. But when he’s on stage, his sound is as big as anyone’s.

Born in 1999, Yannick was singing – in tune – before he was a year old. He got a drum kit for his fifth birthday, and six months later added keyboard. As soon as he was able to pick one up, he started playing bass.

When Fender got word of his skill, they wanted to support his learning, and offered him any bass he wanted. He visited their headquarters, and picked a gorgeous Marcus Miller Signature bass.

Since his debut at age seven, he’s been playing professionally with Eric and the African Diaspora, led by his father Gervais Koffi. Here he is playing live with them on Australian TV.

Last November, he performed “Now that we’ve found love” and “Master Blaster” live on Australian TV with 7 piece band, The African Diaspora:

And here he’s playing Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke” at eight years old.

You can learn more about Yannick on his website.

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