Geddy Lee talks Grammys

USA Today has a feature on the prospects of Rush ever getting a Grammy, or entering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Marco R. della Cava’s lead says it all:

“Let’s be honest. When you write 20-minute songs that spin futuristic tales of cruel priests ruling from the mythical Temples of Syrinx — cue up Rush’s seminal 1976 album 2112 — you’re not going to threaten Madonna’s pop culture reign.”

Geddy Lee is quoted in the piece, saying:

“We’ve gotten nominated before in the rock instrumental category, but I guess overall we’re just not a typical Grammy band. I think we appeal to a broader spectrum than just nerds. But our music does require many listens, and the lyrics (written by Peart) offer a lot of depth. People who read books like our music, and I don’t consider that a bad thing.”

Call us nerds, if you want. Just don’t make us listen to Madonna.

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