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  • FuryMuso Playing Muse

    FuryMuso Playing Muse

    Today’s featured player is FuryMuso, performing Muse’s “Easily”. »

  • Gettin’ cinematic with Carlos D

    Interpol bassist Carlos Dengler, a.k.a. Carlos D, has made a film exploring “the unstable nature of fame and the incredible cost of celebrity.” Dengler stars in and co-produced My Friends Told Me About You, composed an all-original score for the 26-minute film. The production was “a chance to explore the narrative potential of sound and... »

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  • Geddy Lee & Rush go retro, need a break

    Hot on the heels of Rush’s Retrospective 3 release, rumors are flying that a new concept album will be next. Bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee dispels the myths: “We haven’t even discussed our next work yet. Right now we’re all taking a well-needed break.” In comments to, Lee goes on to remind us that his band... »

  • Walter Barnes: NAMM Bass Bash 2009

    Bassist Walter Barnes is featured along with guitarist Tony Pulizzi, drummer Rob Hubbard, Jr. and saxophonist Keith McKelly at the NAMM Bass Bash 2009 in Anaheim, California. Enjoy “Song For Wayman”: »

  • Bassist takes center stage at the Detroit International Jazz Festival

    The Detroit International Jazz Festival turns 30 this year, and to celebrate, has named renowned bassist, composer and arranger John Clayton as Artist-in-Residence. As a central part of his residency, Clayton has been commissioned to create a piece honoring the contributions of the Jones brothers (Hank, Thad and Elvin) to the world of jazz. The... »

  • Les Claypool Releases “Of Fungi and Foe”

    Les Claypool Releases “Of Fungi and Foe”

    Les Claypool‘s album Of Fungi and Foe is a collection of songs inspired by the projects the bassist has been involved in over the past few years. Since Claypool’s last album, the 2006 Of Whales and Woes, he’s been scoring films and video games, and touring. Claypool shares how the project came to be: “Sometime... »

  • Return to Forever: Returns

    Return to Forever, the jazz fusion super group featuring Stanley Clarke on bass, Chick Corea on keyboards, Al Di Meola on guitar and Lenny White on drums, has released a live album, Returns. The 2-disc CD release was recorded during their first tour in 25 years reunion tour, at the Ottawa International Jazz Festival. Disc... »

  • RIP George Kaufman

    Nails bassist George Kaufman has passed away at the age of 58, following aneurysm surgery. A memorial service was held on Thursday in Yonkers, NY. Kaufman’s band, The Nails, released two albums in the 80s, including the hit “88 Lines about 44 Women”. He was also a music teacher and owner of Supreme Sound Engineering,... »

  • Wester Désamours: First Step [featured bass player]

    Today’s featured bassist is Wester Désamours, hailing from northern Haiti, and our newest Facebook friend. At the age of five, Wester made his own guitar out of an oil drum, some wood and nylon strings. Since 2003, Wester has been studying music, composing and recording his debut album First Step. Check out Wester’s web site... »

  • Paul McCartney Teaches You How to Play the Bass

    Paul McCartney Teaches You How to Play the Bass

    In a promotional video for his latest album, Paul McCartney shows his playing technique in a brief instructional video covering bass, guitar and drums. This video doesn’t cover more advanced “fiddly bits”, but is fun to watch: »