Bass played by Jaco Pastorius at auction

A bass owned by classically trained bassist and concert promoter Rod Glaubman and played by Jaco Pastorius is being offered up at auction. We’re not sure we buy the whole story, but from what we’ve gathered, Jaco borrowed this bass frequently, and possibly modified it. As the story goes, Glaubman allowed some modifications, but stopped short of letting Jaco de-fret the bass.

The bass is a 1960 Fender Jazz bass, purchased by Glaubman for $300 in 1970. The estimated auction price is between $25,000 and $40,000.

The auction will begin in Paris on April 28th, followed by a stop in London on May 9th, and then possibly to New York. Online bidding has already started at a site called Live Auctioneers.

Tip of the hat to The International Review of Music blog for the story.

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