Free Download: The New RockStar Philosophy Book

The New RockStar Philosophy BookThe New RockStar Philosophy Book, a new music business book, is now available for free download.

The book is the creation of two authors working as The New Rockstar Philosophy, started to “help artists learn more about what’s going on in the ever-changing music industry, to inspire them to embrace entrepreneurship, and give them them the tools for DIY 2.0”.

Here are the steps, from the official website:

  1. Send an email to with “Book” in the subject line
  2. You’ll get an confirmation email from us with a link to where you can download the book.
  3. Read it at your leisure and let us know what you think, any suggestions you may have, or anything else you’d like to chat about!
  4. If you have any problems downloading the book email us @ and we’ll send it to you personally.
  5. Remember to tell all your friends!

Table of Contents

Part 1: Primer
1. Exclaimer
2. Autopsy of an Industry
3. Who Are You
4. Goals

Part 2: The Band and the Music
5. Songwriting
6. Your Band is a Marriage
7. Image Isn’t a Dirty Word
8. Defining Your Audience
9. The Art of Practice
10. Recording
11. Shows
12. Making Friends

Part 3: Online Presence
13. Online Essentials
14. Blogging
15. Twitter
16. MySpace + Facebook
17. YouTube + Online Video
18. Direct Contact: Email + Text

Part 4: Rethinking Music
19. Redefining the Album
20. The 3P: Consistent New Music

Part 5: Taking Care of Business
21. Merch
22. Money
23. Bloggers + Publicity
24. The Mini Tour

Part 6: Taking it Further
25. Showcases + Conferences
26. Publishing + Licensing
27. Art of the Collective
28. Conclusion
29. Acknowledgments

About the authors

Hoover is a musician, was a show promoter, an artist manager, and also had a brief stint at an independent record label. He has a passion for music, guitars, soul beats, and marketing. Hoover believes that the internet is the independent musicians best friend.

Voyno is the front man for ARMSUP, a band who create Lymbic Fuzz music. Elements of The White Stripes, The Doors, and The Pixies seamlessly blend into a sound of their own. He has been in bands for a number of years and believes in the future of music and the promise that is the Internet.

Get more details from the New Rockstar Philosophy web site.

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