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  • Happy Holidays from No Treble

    When we kicked off this site about eight months ago, we set out to connect with bassists around the globe, and cover the news, lessons, and features we thought they’d enjoy. It has been an amazing ride so far. We’ve made many new friends, thanks to Twitter and Facebook. We’ve been lucky to be associated... »

  • Ask Damian Erskine: Stay Healthy

    Q: My question is about how to stay healthy. I find when I practice too much or play a particular song that has a lot of notes, my hands and wrists get sore. I know that singers warm up their voice, I usually run through some scales when I am tuning and setting up just... »

  • Neftali Lopez: Liquid Tension Experiment’s Universal Mind

    Check out bassist Neftali Lopez‘s adaptation of Tony Levin’s stick part from the Liquid Tension Experiment tune “Universal Mind”. Neftali is playing this on his six string bass with a Phaser (BOSS ME-50B multieffects) and the bridge pickup at 75%, to make sound similar to a Stick. Check out more on Neftali on his MySpace... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Brian Derek

    Reader Spotlight: Brian Derek

    Meet Brian Derek, our player in the spotlight for December 22nd, 2009. Bio: I studied at Berklee for a few semesters in the ’70’s playing/composing jazz. I have done every type gig imaginable and recorded many independent record/cd projects (a favorite of mine is “The Warning” w/Rory Pastorius in 1986); performed with Pat Metheny, Peter... »

  • L’Orchestre de Contrebasses: Live Performance

    L’Orchestre de Contrebasses: Live Performance

    It is hard to put into words the greatness of L’Orchestre de Contrebasses. Just watch: Check them out on their Facebook page »

  • Gear Watch: Diamond Bass Comp compressor pedal

    Diamond Pedals has announced the release of their first pedal designed specifically for bass instruments, the Bass Comp. Based on the company’s Diamond Compressor, the Bass Comp combines a “low-noise optical compression circuit with a powerful and musical tilt EQ circuit” to create a better bass sound. It boasts an extended frequency response, making it... »

  • Lesson: Right hand technique, metronome, lead-ins

    In this week’s new video lesson, Jon Burr talks about right hand technique for pizzicato upright bass, using a metronome as a meditation (Jon drops the beat), and basic lead-ins from above and below a target. Be sure to check out Jon’s book, The Untold Secret to Melodic Bass, available as a pdf download or... »

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  • Kimberly Lynn: Coppin’ a Feel

    Kimberly Lynn: Coppin’ a Feel

    Everyone here at No Treble really loves the bass looper stuff. So when I caught this video by bassist Kimberly Lynn, I couldn’t wait to share it. I especially love when she switches to the baritone sax setting and plays a solo. Wow! Kimberly explains the tune’s evolution: “Inspired as I was walking through the... »

  • Rewind: The most popular stories of the week on No Treble

    Here are the most popular stories from No Treble last week. Features Don’t miss our exclusive interview with Stanley Clarke. Meet Cricket Cohen, our player in the spotlight. Columnists: Jon Burr kicked off a new video lesson series: Fundamental technical approaches to bass Donovan Stokes kicked off a new Lowdown with Dr. D. series: Three... »

  • U2’s Adam Clayton accuses assistant of stealing millions

    U2 bassist Adam Clayton has accused Carol Hawkins, his former personal assistant, of stealing €1.8m ($2.5 million) from him. Clayton has received a court order in Ireland, to freeze the assets of Hawkins. Clayton fired Hawkins last month for misappropriating money, including purchasing personal items with Clatyon’s credit and debit cards. The items allegedly included... »