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Victor Wooten offering free library concerts in L.A. this week

The ever busy Victor Wooten will be launching his first ever library tour around Los Angeles, California this week (the tour started yesterday and runs through the 23rd). Wooten will be performing for library goers and talking about his own book, The Music Lesson. Admission to the events is free. RSVP at the Los Angeles Music Network’s web site. Appearance...

Ask Damian Erskine

Ask Damian Erskine: Practicing in Your Head

Q: So as I walked around the house, my wife asked me, “What are you doing, space cadet?” I guess I had a fairly blank look on my face and was walking around the house in circles. I replied, “Playing Bass… in my head.” She then said, “huh… you should write about that for the No Treble guys!” And I...

Bass Videos, NAMM 2010

Victor Bailey: TecAmp Booth Bass Jam with Sekou Bunch & Andrew Lauer

Check out Victor Bailey and this impromptu jam with Sekou Bunch and Andrew “The Bullet” Lauer at the TecAmp booth during the NAMM 2010 show. Editor’s note: the original video featured here was removed by the author. Here’s a shorter clip of the same performance:

Bass Gear

Gear Watch: Bunny Brunel Electric Upright Bass

There’s a new EUB on the market, designed by bassist Bunny Brunel. Brunel’s 35 year career as a bassist and educator includes performing with Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, Al Jarreau, Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Dizzy Gillespie, Larry Coryell and Al Dimeola. The bass has been in production for many years, with limited quantities available to ship...

Reader Spotlight: Marco Rodi
Reader Spotlight

Reader Spotlight: Marco Rodi

Meet Marco Rodi, our bassist in the spotlight for January 19, 2010. Bio: My name is Marco Rodi and I’m a solo bassist from Montreal Quebec. I won several artistic competitions here in Montreal like: Cegep en spectacle, Université en spectacle, where I had 15 minutes to show the solo bass potential onstage. I was representing my country, Canada, as...

The Lowdown with Dr. D

The Lowdown with Dr. D.: Three Requirements of Attainment: The Student

Note: This is part 3 of 3 of Dr. D’s current series. See part 1 and part 2. The Student The most important ingredient needed to acquire a skill is not a good Method or a good Teacher, but rather a good Student. Even with the highest quality Method and Teacher, a poor quality Student will not achieve the objectives...

Doug Johns live at the NAMM 2010 Bass Bash
Bass Videos, NAMM 2010

Doug Johns live at the NAMM 2010 Bass Bash

Here’s bassist Doug Johns doing another incredible performance at the 2010 Bass Bash during the NAMM show. Apparently, Doug was called up last minute to do an impromptu jam. In this clip, he starts off with his own take on Jaco’s “Continuum” before jumping into to a whole other jam (all while playing on the drum kit). Holy smokes.

Bass Gear, NAMM 2010

Gear Watch: Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner

Boss has announced the newest version of their stompbox tuner, the TU-3 Chromatic Tuner. The pedal is an update from their TU-2 and has all the same features and then some. Built in a tough stompbox chassis, this pedal is tough. A new high-brightness meter mode allows for better visibility under bright sunlight, and it also has a 21-segment meter...

Bass Gear, NAMM 2010

Gear Watch: Digitech JamMan Stereo and JamMan Solo Looper Pedals

Loopers rejoice! Digitech has introduced the new JamMan Solo and JamMan Stereo Looper pedals. The Stereo looper features true stereo loops as well as reverse playback, and the Solo is designed “for the guitarist or bassist looking for a full-featured looper in a compact form.” The pedals feature storage of up to 35 minutes of CD-Quality loops in 99 loops...

Bottoms Up: Melodies in Bass
Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up: Melodies in Bass

Hi, nice to meet all of you. I’m here to discuss melodies in the bass: bass lines as part of tunes and great melodies written by bass players, and maybe a few surprises thrown in. In this column I’ll be discussing one of the all time great bass players in history who also penned more than a few tunes that...