Bad Religion Releases Free Album, Plans for Another

Bad Religion

To celebrate 30 years of their music, punk legends Bad Religion have recently released a new live album, 30 Years Live, and are giving it away for free on their website.

The Southern California based group, which formed in 1980, took recordings compiled from their spring 2010 tour to build the track list.

In an interview with Room Thirteen, bassist Jay Bentley explained, “We had all these shows in the House of Blues in Los Angeles and Santiago and we were thinking about live streaming some of the shows. The work that went into that was a little more than we wanted to do… So we thought we’d make a record and give it away, as it’s thirty years.”

Bentley also spoke on the group’s next studio album, which he says is about halfway done. Saying it sounds like a mix of their albums Generator and Recipe for Hate.

“I’m not saying it’s all fast, but the fast songs are some of the fastest we’ve ever done,” said Bentley. “There’s gonna be a lot of stuff that’s gonna surprise people on this record.”

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  1. Awesome music i would love a cd to listen to.