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Rewind: The Top 10 Bass Videos, Player News, Reviews and Columns of the Week

1. Player News: Robert Trujillo Helps Pastorius Family Reclaim Jaco’s “Bass of Doom”
After a long and frustrating legal battle, Jaco Pastorius’ family have finally regained ownership of his legendary “Bass of Doom”, thanks to Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo.

2. New Release: Rush: Clockwork Angels Sneak Preview
Rush has announced its next studio album, Clockwork Angels will release in 2011, with two tracks releasing now, as a digital download.

3. Player News: Tal Wilkenfeld Featured on Three Upcoming Releases
Tal Wilkenfeld has announced she will be featured on three upcoming albums, with Herbie Hancock, Macy Gray, and Lee Ritenour.

4. Video: Jon Reshard: She’s Always a Woman Solo Bass
Jon Reshard, the current bassist for Greg Howe, plays a solo bass version of Billy Joel’s “She’s Always A Woman”.

5. Player News: Geddy Lee Endorses Orange Bass Amps
Orange Amps has just announced the signing of Geddy Lee to their list of endorsing artists.

6. Column: Solo Bass and the Art of Metaphor
Bass is foundational and at the same time melodic and rich, capable of the deepest melancholy and the most frenetic highs. In his latest column, Russ Sargeant discusses the journey of becoming a solo bassist.

7. Column: Speaker Impedance: How to Properly Match Your Amp Head with Cabinets
Amplification can be confusing to a newbie coming from a combo amp. If you are new to amps and cabs, this article should be helpful in explaining what speaker impedance is, and how it works with your amp head.

8. Gear Review: DPA 4099B Clip Microphone for Bass
One of the ultimate struggles for a gigging double bassist is getting proper amplification without losing the sound of your instrument. Kevin Johnson got his hands on the DPA 4099B Clip Microphone and gave it a test run in multiple settings.

9. Gear: TC Electronic Announces PolyTune for iPhone, Free Download Promotion
TC Electronic has announced that they will soon be releasing the iPhone version of their revolutionary PolyTune pedal tuner.

10. Player News: Mick Karn Diagnosed with Cancer
Bassist Mick Karn has been diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer, according to a post on his official web site. Fans of Karn are encouraged to make a donation.