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  • Fingersmoran: Bass In Yo Face

    Shawn Moran, aka Fingersmoran, titled this tune “Bass In Yo Face”, and appropriately so because that’s exactly what it is! »

  • Herbie Hancock: The Imagine Project

    Herbie Hancock: The Imagine Project

    Herbie Hancock’s latest album, The Imagine Project, is a project that in many ways mirrors Hancock’s 2005 mega-hit, Possibilities. The album blends pop and jazz together with the help of a large and all-star cast of musicians such as Dave Matthews, Pink, John Legend, Seal, Jeff Beck and many others. Several bassists contributed to the... »

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  • Gear Watch: EMG X Series Pickup Sets for Jazz Bass

    Gear Watch: EMG X Series Pickup Sets for Jazz Bass

    EMG has released Jazz bass versions of their X series pickups: the JX, JAX, and JVX sets. The brand’s X-Series is made to provide increased headroom, giving the voicing an organic and open tone while keeping great clarity and response. EMG describes them as “bridging the gap between passive and active tone.” The JX retains... »

  • Seeing Through Hearing

    I’m an ear player… By that I mean I’m good at hearing something and responding intuitively to it on my bass, without necessarily knowing exactly what I’m doing. This has been both advantageous AND a disability to me. Below I’ve listed some of the pros and cons of being this kind of a player. See... »

  • The Temptations & the Funk Brothers Rare Studio Rehearsal Video

    The Temptations & the Funk Brothers Rare Studio Rehearsal Video

    Here’s some super rare footage of the Motown Studio known as the Snakepit, with James Jamerson on bass. Given the fact that Motown had not been conducting Live sessions with the vocalists and instrumentalists recording at the same time since at least 1963, this session was clearly staged for the CBS News cameras that were... »

  • Rewind: The Top 10 Bass Gear, Videos, Player News and Columns of the Week

    1. Player News: Tal Wilkenfeld Breaks from New Album to Tour with Herbie Hancock After announcing her work on several upcoming albums, Tal Wilkenfeld revealed that she will be joining Herbie Hancock on the road as he tours in support of his newest effort, The Imagine Project. 2. Video: Keith Horne: Bass Solo on Miles... »

  • Gear Watch: Digitech BP90 Multi-Effects Processor

    Gear Watch: Digitech BP90 Multi-Effects Processor

    Digitech released the new BP90 Bass Multi-Effects Processor as part of their appearance at the 2010 Summer NAMM Show. Powered by the AudioDNA 2 processor, the BP90 is built to digitally represent equipment including stompboxes, amplifiers, cabinets, and tons of effects. In all, it features 27 effects, 11 amps, five cabinets, and five stompboxes to... »

  • Jaco Pastorius Solo (Reading, 1978)

    Jaco Pastorius Solo (Reading, 1978)

    Here’s some newly posted footage of Jaco Pastorius taking a solo during a Weather Report concert in Reading, PA in October, 1978. Two parts: »

  • Whitesnake Seeking New Bassist

    According to a report on, the legendary hair-metal group Whitesnake is currently seeking a new bassist after parting ways with their rhythm section. A press release by David Coverdale indicated that both bassist Uriah Duffy and drummer Chris Frazier will no longer be with the band. “Whitesnake wish Uriah and Chris every success in... »

  • Summer NAMM Gear Watch: Fleabass Street Bass

    Summer NAMM Gear Watch: Fleabass Street Bass

    The Fleabass line will be expanding with the coming of the Street Bass model, due to ship in late July. The Street Bass is an even more affordable version of the already available Touring Bass, which Flea himself is using to tour and write the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album with. The Street model... »