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  • Tony Levin’s Stick Men Releases “Soup”

    Bassist/Stickist Tony Levin, along with Stickist Michael Bernier and King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto, have released their latest album, Soup. The album consists of material developed over two years of touring, including “the unusual rap/rock title piece (about supercolliders!), a three part epic, ‘Hands’ and four movements from Stravinsky’s ‘Firebird Suite’, and much more.” Preview... »

  • Gear Review: TC Electronic BG500

    Gear Review: TC Electronic BG500

    “Small. Under-powered. Lackluster tone.” These words come to mind when one thinks of a bass combo amp. We’re pre-programmed to assume this as most combo amps are all those things because most combos are beginner amps. TC Electronics’ has set-out to destroy the old combo amp negative connotations with its new BG500. The BG 500... »

  • Victor Wooten and Felix Pastorius In Studio

    Victor Wooten and Felix Pastorius In Studio

    Here’s a great studio session clip of bassists Victor Wooten and Felix Pastorius, taken during the recording of Jeff Coffin’s 2008 release Mutopia. The guys are trading solos on “Al’s Greens”. »

  • Gear Watch: The Vee Strap

    Gear Watch: The Vee Strap

    The new Vee Strap is an innovative solution to the problem of finding the right way to hold a heavy or uncomfortable bass. It features a dual-shoulder strap design that evenly distributes weight and stabilizes your instrument. Essentially, it is two straps built into one, coming together in a “V” on your back and buttoning... »

  • Gear Watch: Gold Tone PBB and BB-400+

    Gear Watch: Gold Tone PBB and BB-400+

    While checking out all the great new gear at NAMM, the Gold Tone booth really caught our eye with some great twists on the bass. New for 2010 is their PBB model, a resonator bass with an extending aluminum endpin allowing it to sit in an upright position. The bass has a 32″ scale, with... »

  • Ask Damian Erskine: Chord Voicings

    Q: Can you help me get away from the standard root position chords that I already know? A: Hopefully, yes! The following will presume an intermediate level of understanding of chords and basic theory. But, if you’re working on this stuff, you’ve probably already got at least enough of a grip on it to follow... »

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  • Ninefingerbass: Rainy’s Song

    I don’t know who “Rainy” is but I do know that it’s someone that Youtuber Ninefingerbass wrote this nice solo bass tune about. Some nice harmonics and tapping work going on here. »

  • Sublime with Rome Announce Tour

    Sublime with Rome have announced an extensive tour as a follow-up to their debut 6-date trek in April and May. The group continues to perform popular songs from Sublime’s self-titled album, which was released just after original singer Brad Nowell’s death. Bassist Eric Wilson explained earlier this year, “Many of our songs have never been... »

  • Reader Spotlight: Justin Williams

    Reader Spotlight: Justin Williams

    Meet Justin Williams, our bass player in the spotlight. We had the chance to meet up with Justin at the Warwick booth during Summer NAMM. Bio: Justin Williams is one of NYC’s upcoming bassists in the Underground Hip-Hop/R&B, Electronic scene. For six years he’s been supporting some today’s hottest acts (Joya Bravo, KalaeAllDay, C. Devone)... »

  • An Interview with Thomas Risell, the Man Behind MarloweDK

    An Interview with Thomas Risell, the Man Behind MarloweDK

    If you’re a bassist who spends any time on Youtube, there’s no doubt you’ve run into at least one video by MarloweDK. After watching all his great playalongs and lessons for over a year, we decided it was time to find out more about the man himself, Thomas Risell. Here’s our interview… We know you... »