thumpR: Nail in the Coffin

Check out the great Australian bass player, Dane Alderson, and his solo on this tune by thumpR called “Nail in the Coffin”:

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  1. Kyle

    whats with the sheet music…

  2. Marco

    Good musicians should be able to read, in fact it’s often required. Besides, that tune has a hefty head ;-)

    Great playing by all three. Where can get the album? Can’t find anything on Google…

  3. Simon Jeans

    hey thanks for checking it out. We have a CD out now available from or email me directly
    regarding sheet music, yes we admit we can read and write traditional notation. Saves having to actually ever rehearse:)

  4. Awesome work across the board!

  5. Sweet, creamy awesomness…I have nothing more to say.