Geezer Butler Open to Sabbath Reunion

Geezer ButlerIn a recent interview with Hellbound, Geezer Butler said he would be open to a Black Sabbath reunion.

When asked about the chances of such an event, he replied, “You know it would be nice to finish the whole thing off with one last tour, I suppose. We’re all getting a bit old now, so time is running out. It would be nice. I wouldn’t say no!”

This comes just after singer Ozzy Osbourne stated he wants to get the original members back together again.

“I would be a liar if I said to you I wouldn’t want to do the ultimate Black Sabbath album…” Ozzy said. “Unfortunately, it may not be the immediate future. It’s not going to happen for at least a year or two because I’ve got my tour and an album to do. But it’s not added to the realms of never ever.”

In the interview, Geezer also discusses the Classic Albums: Paranoid DVD and the Dio Tribute concert. You can read the complete interview on Hellbound’s website.

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