Bill “The Buddha” Dickens: Funk Bass (and Beyond)

Here’s a performance clip taken from Bill “The Buddha” Dickens‘ 2003 bass method, Funk Bass and Beyond.

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  1. Skip

    Is this guy kidding?

  2. Art Rodriguez

    That’s how you play a 6 string bass. WOW!!!

  3. Todd Berman

    They can mount a camera on a 7-string bass in 2003 – now it’s 2011, 8 years later and this performance STILL hasn’t been tabbed? Where is today’s technology – damnit! I expect young kids to be posting their interpretations of this on You Tube!

  4. Clifton

    WOW!! Very Impressive! I’d love to see him play Live!

  5. Wow, this guy’s frickin’ amazing. And yes, it’s a 7-string. I love the bass-mount camera!