Top 10: The Best Bass Lessons (September 2010)

This week, we’re taking a look back at the top 10 most popular bass lessons for September, 2010, based on No Treble reader visits.

Lesson: Slap Bass 101

1. Slap Bass 101 – the series

Thomas “MarloweDK” Risell shows you the way to slappin’ da bass in this 6-part series.

2. Introduction to Bebop Scale Forms

In this lesson we’ll explore the basic forms of Bebop scales so you can start getting the patterns down and experiment with them in your music.

3. Efficient 20 Minute Practice

How often do you hear people claim that it’s not how much your practice but how efficiently you practice? Learn how to plan efficient practice so you can always make the most out of limited time.

4. Ask Damian Erskine: Practice Routines

How would you describe a good practice session and how would you break it down? Damian has the answers.

5. Practicing Chord Changes

There are many ways to get better at the changes on a particular tune, but this approach works really well.

6. Scale Patterns from Tetrachord Combinations

We normally think of scales in terms of eight-note patterns and treat them as a unit. If we change our reference point and think of the scales as combinations of two halves – an upper and a lower, we open ourselves up to new combinations and a new way of finding patterns on the fretboard. In this lesson we’re going to explore the concept of tetrachords and how they change the way we look at scales.

7. Master the Fretboard – Part 1

These drills will unlock the fretboard’s logic and give you access to the entire neck.

8. Minor Tetrachord Patterns

In the last tetrachord lesson we went over the concept of tetrachords and how they change the way we think about scale patterns. In that lesson the focus was the major modes and a question was posted asking about the melodic minor and harmonic minor modes. This lesson covers tetrachords in the melodic minor and how those also apply to the harmonic minor.

9. Two Handed Tapping

Grant Stinnett breaks down a song called “Ebenella”, written by Rob Gourlay, and the techniques to pull it off. These techniques are the same as those used by Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Michael Manring, and several other great bassists.

10. How to Learn Tunes Quickly

Sitting in on a new gig with little prep time? This lesson is for you.

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