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Top 10: The Best Bass Videos (October 2010)

This week, we’re taking a look back at the top 10 most popular bass videos from October, 2010.

1. Divinity Roxx Bass Solo

Divinity Roxx got her start touring with Victor Wooten. Now she’s running the show for Beyonce’s band, and showing off her bass skills with a medley of classic hip-hop and R&B.

2. Jeff Beck with Tal Wilkenfeld: Big Block, Live at Ronnie Scott’s

Tal blows away the No Treble readers with her “funky bass face” and her chops.

3. Marco Rodi: A Bassist in the BOSS Loop Station Finals

Bass players represent! Marco Rodi makes us proud with placing in the BOSS Loop Station Finals.

4. Metallica: For Whom The Bell Tolls (Cliff Burton Isolated Bass)

A classic bass line, heard in all its glory.

5. Filipe Moreno: 14 Year Old Bass Player

We don’t know what kind of school they must have for young bassists in Brazil, but we like it.

6. The Beatles: Hey Bulldog (Isolated Bass & Vocals)

Isolated bass lines are a hit with No Treble readers, and the crew. McCartney’s bass line on “Hey Bulldog” is a real treat.

7. Bill “The Buddha” Dickens: Funk Bass (and Beyond)

The Buddha takes funk bass to the great beyond.

8. Mark King Slap Solo

LEDs? Headless bass? Must be Mark King doing his thing.

9. Christopher Thomas: Wishing Well (Solo Bass)

A nice solo bass composition.

10. Randy Jackson: Mastering the Groove (1992)

Before Idol, this dawg was laying down the groove.

What’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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