Bootsy Collins Brings Jimi Hendrix To Life in New DVD

Jimi Hendrix: West Coast Seattle BoyBootsy Collins brings the words of Jimi Hendrix to life in a new 90-minute film included in the West Coast Seattle Boy Box Set. The DVD, entitled Voodoo Child, is Hendrix’s life told using the legendary guitarist’s own words and includes rare footage, photos, and personal drawings.

“Every word in the film had to be what Jimi had said… It had to be in the first person,” said director Bob Smeaton. Since most of Hendrix’s own words were based on print interviews, someone had to read them “as Hendrix,” and essentially narrate the film.

Jimi’s sister Janie, who also is CEO of Experience Hendrix, recommended Bootsy to fill the role, though Smeaton didn’t like the funk bass legend’s initial test reading.

A phone call later changed his mind. “So, I spoke to Bootsy on the phone and I’m speaking to him and he sounds like Hendrix, you know, when (Bootsy) is talking in his normal voice,” he said. “So I said ‘read the script again, read it in your own voice. Just read it as Bootsy Collins.’”

A clip of the film can be seen here.

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  1. Ronald Walker

    When I heard Stretchin’Out, Bootsys debut- he sounded so much like Jimi! Good choice!