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Bootsy Collins Reveals New “Eye-Funk” Artwork

After a month of anticipation, Bootsy Collins has revealed his limited edition artwork, which he labels as “eye-funk.” The two pieces released are labeled “The Monument” and “The Legacy”, both depicting a larger than life Bootsy towering over Cincinnati, with hidden images scattered throughout the scene.

Bootsy Collins: The Legacy

The art is numbered and signed by Bootsy, who also adds a “funk mantra” and acrylic handprints for good measure. They are all shipped with certificates of authenticity.

The Monument is an 80” by 60” canvas with a limited run of 50 pieces, and the Legacy is 40” by 30” limited to 250 in the world.

“This is a way that expresses me,” Bootsy said. “Even though we’ve got all these bombs, you know and we’re very destructive, we can tend to start wars here and there, you know… This piece is saying, ‘we also have peace.’”

The Bootsy Collins Eye-Funk Limited Edition Monument and Legacy pieces are available for $700 and $400, respectively. For more info, visit Bootsy’s art site.

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