Best of 2010: Top 10 Bass Reader Spotlights

We’re counting down the 2010 Top 10 lists on No Treble this week.

Today, we’re featuring the Top 10 Player Spotlight features, based on reader views. Our Player Spotlight feature runs each week, showcasing a bassist from our community.

Ryan Madora

1. Ryan Madora

Meet Ryan Madora, a bassist from Philadelphia, PA and our player in the spotlight for August 31, 2010. Bio: Redefining the look of traditional bass players, Ryan Madora is currently lighting up the Philadelphia music scene with old school soul and blues inspired grooves. At the age of 16, Ryan began attending blues jams in…

Eibhlin Palfrey

2. Eibhlin Palfrey

Meet Eibhlin Palfrey, a bassist from Cork, Ireland and our player in the spotlight for September 7, 2010. Bio: Born in Cork Ireland, music has always played a big part in my life. I’ve been playing bass for about 11 years, I’m 27 now. I’ve played with many fantastic local bands and a bit of…

Regina Zernay Roberts

3. Regina Zernay Roberts

Meet Regina Zernay Roberts, our bass player in the spotlight for April 13, 2010. Bio: I’ve been playing bass for about 23 years. For the last three, I’ve been the bass player for a band out of New Orleans called Cowboy Mouth. We play more than 200 shows a year, and have traveled the U.S….

Kira Roessler

4. Kira Roessler

Meet bassist Kira Roessler, our bassist in the spotlight for July 13, 2010. Bio: I have played in bands since 1977, performing live and recording. At first in local LA bands Waxx, The Visitors, The Monsters, Sexsick and Twisted Roots. Later I joined Black Flag and toured and recorded with them between fall 83 and…

Steve Harris

5. Steve Harris

Meet Steve Harris, a bassist from Long Beach, California, and our bassist in the spotlight for November 9, 2010. Bio: A former bar band road dog, I came to L.A. to be a rock star. I did the strip big hair band thing. When grunge hit, I went back to my first love – playing…

Marco Rodi

6. Marco Rodi

Meet Marco Rodi, our bassist in the spotlight for January 19, 2010. Bio: My name is Marco Rodi and I’m a solo bassist from Montreal Quebec. I won several artistic competitions here in Montreal like: Cegep en spectacle, Université en spectacle, where I had 15 minutes to show the solo bass potential onstage. I was…

Eric Vogel

7. Eric Vogel

Meet Eric Vogel, our player in the spotlight for February 9, 2010. Bio: I play with a fantastic Funk/Rock Band from New Orleans called Big Sam’s Funky Nation, led by Big Sam Williams on trombone. We tour domestically and internationally playing major music events/festivals during the entire year. We recently recorded a song for the…

Will McGee

8. Will McGee

Meet Will McGee, a bassist from Memphis, Tennessee and our player in the spotlight for August 24, 2010. Bio: Well, there’s not much to tell, I’m a kid really, only 16. I picked up bass when I was about 12, and I haven’t put it down since. My musical interests and inspirations have morphed through…

Brittany Frompovich

9. Brittany Frompovich

Meet Brittany Frompovich, our player in the spotlight for May 11, 2010. Bio: I picked up guitar at age 14, and then started playing double bass at age 18. I have a B.A. in Bass from Bloomsburg University. I currently teach 50 – 70 students per week, teach group classes and workshops, and perform in…

Skip Taylor

10. Skip Taylor

Meet Skip Taylor, a bassist from Slidell, Louisiana, and our player in the spotlight for September 28, 2010. Bio: Skip Taylor is a seasoned bass player, producer and writer with a impressive list of accomplishments. Being from the South, I played a lot of southern rock and funk. A student of Larry Graham and Bootsy,…

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