Jonny Decker: Slap, Tap, Pluck, Snap Solo Bass Performance

Our friend Nick Huckeby shares this video of bassist Jonny Decker in this extended solo bass performance. Jonny is playing a Peter Hilton bass.

Nick writes, “He taps, he picks, he plucks, he snaps, etc. He is just great. Please share his awesomeness with the other No Treble fans.”

Happy to do it Nick! Thanks.

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  1. Clifton

    WOW!! He is really into it! He put his Soul into his Music! His Creativity is at a High Level! Well Done!!

  2. Very Preston Reed-ish – nice job…

  3. Max

    can anyone tell me how he does those quick triplet/sextuplet slaps?

    • Mike Young

      Its a combination of slap, hammer on, and pluck. Check out some youtube videos on slapping, particularly Mark King style slapping. There’s lots out there.

  4. Mark Butler

    extremely fast, but could be cleaner. Overall, I enjoyed it

  5. Ben Chouby Lambron

    Oh my f***ing God… Oo

  6. Wow the guy is great!

  7. WHOO. 11 minutes of killin it! Nice…

  8. Muy buena técnica pero me gustaría verle tocar el bajo a ver que tal.

  9. Fast but muddled. I don’t care for this Flea-ish sole work. It seems to me to be just a lot slap, w/o much direction and melody. Don’t get me wrong, he’s good, but I use Victor Wooten as a yard stick with these new fast runners and gunners.

    • dude… if you compare all new people you’ve heard with Victor fuckin Wooten then your never going to be satisfied. Victor Wooten is the most stylish, coherant bassist I’ve ever heard so thats just not fair for new comers.

  10. Bye ist mein Lieblings!