Ampeg Introduces BA-108 and BA-110 Combo Amps

Ampeg BA-108 combo ampAmpeg is expanding their Bassamp combo series with the introduction of two smaller practice amps, the BA-108 and the BA-110. Designed as miniature versions of their siblings, the new combos have similar features, including a tilt-back design and a ported baffle for low frequency extension.

Both models have a 3-band EQ, MP3/CD input with a level control, an effects loop, line out, and headphone outputs.

The BA-108 features an 8” speaker and is rated at 25-watts, where the 110 has a 10” speaker and puts out 35-watts. The combos weight 27 lbs and 32 lbs, respectively.

The Ampeg BA-108 and BA-110 are available now for $99 and $179. For more info, visit the Ampeg website.

Ampeg BA-108 and BA-110 Combo Amps Specs:

  • RMS power output: BA-108: 25 watts; BA-110: 35 watts
  • Speaker configuration: BA-108: 1 x 8?; BA-110: 1×10”
  • Preamp: Solid-state
  • Power amp: Solid-state
  • Tone controls: 3-band EQ
  • Line output
  • MP3/CD input
  • Headphone output
  • Handling weight: BA-110: 27 lbs; BA-110: 32 lbs

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