Incognito: 1975 Live

Facebook friend Eran Fuld shared this video with us, saying “It doesn’t any groovier than that…(definitely bass oriented music), personally I’m sold on these guys…”

Now we are too!

Francis Hylton is the bassist laying down that nice groove.

Thanks, Eran.

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  1. Ah! The song is called “1975” ! ;-) Cool band. Love the grooves.

  2. Will Cady

    The groove in their other tune “Don’t Turn My Love Away” is so good it could kill a man.

  3. check the drummer. one mounted tom, very few fills!! my kind of drummer.

  4. sakis

    For Incognito, this is a rather fair groove. Check out songs like Incognito, Still a friend of mine, Pyramids, all in live versions to see what they’re all about! The amazing thing about Incognito is that every different live has a different groove!

  5. Erik

    everything seems to be right here, sound, mix, musicians, groove, basssssssssss omg love this one! thanks for sharing