Bass of the Week: Jerzy Drozd Barcelona

Jerzy Drozd Barcelona Bass

Luthier Jerzy Drozd’s Barcelona design was made in collaboration with famed flamenco bassist Carles Benavent, who spent time playing with Paco de Lucia, Chick Corea and Miles Davis. The bass, named after the city they both live in, is built after Benavent’s unique playing style.

“With the help of Carles, I tried to design the instrument according to his previous basses and his very personal playing style,” Drozd explained, “but it also had be different from what he played before now, so I blended it with my own philosophy and that bit of Neo style look.”

The semi-hollow body is built of Spanish cedar with a Sitka spruce top. It features set-neck construction, with a three-piece maple neck and a flat ebony fingerboard. In addition to a truss rod, the neck has dual graphite bars for reinforcement. The instrument’s scale is 33”, just below full length.

Pickups on the Barcelona are custom-made, with a humbucker in the neck position and a single coil closer to the bridge. Both pickups have wood covers to match the wooden bridge. The tuners are Hipshot Ultralites with a chrome finish.

The Jerzy Drozd Barcelona comes with many options: 4, 5 or 6-strings, left-handed, fretless, custom inlays, and more. For more info, visit the Jerzy Drozd website.

Jerzy Drozd Barcelona Photo Gallery:

Jerzy Drozd Barcelona Specs:

  • Three-piece maple neck
  • Set-neck Construction
  • Spanish cedar semi-hollow body
  • Sitka spruce top
  • 24-frets
  • Flat (no radius ) ebony fingerboard
  • Scale 33” (838,2mm)
  • Pickups: Neck- Custom-made humbucker with wood cover; Bridge- Custom-made single coil with wood cover
  • Passive electronics
  • One truss rod, two graphite bars for reinforcement
  • Wooden cover back plate
  • Wooden bridge
  • Hipshot ultralite tuners
  • Chrome hardware
  • Polyurethane satin finish
  • Custom-made gigbag included

Jerzy Drozd Barcelona Demo:

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  1. Éric Létourneau

    The guy plays really well, but the bass sound more like a guitar than a bass to me…

    • Víctor Manuel Bellón Molina

      He have always told that he learned to play bass doing what guitar players do, so he is really influencied by the playstile of spanish guitar players. It could be the reason why it sounds more like a guitar some times, for me is one of the best musicians that we have at my country.

    • Éric Létourneau

      As you can see I don’t understand spanish, and like you said he is a very good musician. But me as a bass player I don’t like the sound of that instrument

  2. Ben Johnson

    Like totes my dream bass…

  3. Florin Buga

    Gorgeous… original way to play the bass guitar.

  4. dodesz!!meg erdemelnel, egy ilyen americai fendert!

  5. Extraordinari músic!

  6. I received 3rd party SPAM sent to the unique e-mail address that I gave to ONLY Jerzy Drozd Basses (for the purpose of receiving their newsletter).

    I can’t tell whether their security sucks and the address was harvested without their knowledge, or whether they are selling their mailing list. Regardless, I do not recommend you provide them with your address (or any other data).