Adam Ben Ezra: The Busker

Time for some more musical goodness from bassist Adam Ben Ezra.

This tune, “The Busker” is one of Adam’s original compositions.

Is there anything he can’t do with a bass?

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  1. Hmmn…everyone else seems to think this was smokin, sweet, etc. Guess I should hear his other stuff. I hope it will be at least a bit more harmonically interesting.

    • Scott

      You need more to consider this Adam Ben Ezra up to snuff..?lol…
      Let’s see/hear some of your original compositions..
      He’s awesome, your a troll.

  2. Very nice playing but I don’t understand the title……. Busker? With that title, even if it’s multi-tracked and recorded in a studio, try changing the reverb to something more street, more alive and add footsteps, people chatting, cars driving by that sort of thing……

    • Scoty

      Wow, I’m sure your ideas are in parallel to Adams on the scale of genius…
      As far as the title is concerned… I was thinking the same thing while listening to Coltrane the other morning… Namia? Why would Coltrane name this song Namia..? I don’t get it…lol.