Johan Hansén-Larson: Note-for-Note Bass Performance of Cannonball Adderley’s Solo on “Minority”

Bassist Johan Hansén-Larson sent in this video of him playing along on Cannonball Adderley’s sax solo on the tune “Minority”.

On bass.

Johan writes, “…some mistakes, but playing Cannonball solos on bass is sort of like trying perform brain surgery with a tractor.”

Well, whatever it is, we’re stunned.

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  1. Holy Smokes! Awesome job dude!

  2. good lord. Freaking awesome. Post the solo in bass clef? Oh please, yes. Amazing.

  3. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. This is crazy! Respect.

  5. ???????????????????????

  6. Wow, I tough it was impossible to play Cannonball on bass.. well good job !!

  7. u make it look so damm easy..

  8. Now i;m off to take a handful of Rawmushrooms to get my head around it. Nice T-shirt

  9. WOW… that about sums it up… this is some amazing playing.

  10. Joe Zawinul- ” Do not be playin’ no bebop in my band.” On one hand I was impressed with the technical facility, on the other hand I’ve been more impressed with beginning guitar students picking out ” Red River Valley” musically. Bop had it’s time and SPACE if you care for that kind of thing.

    • why are u using weather report as a reference is ur so bothered about musical fashion’s !!

    • I am not ” so bothered” . It just left me a little dry and I’m using Weather Report as a reference to point out that even Zawinul who wrote a tune called “Cannonball “moved on from bop. The quote was to Victor Bailey and the rest of it is, “Me and Wayne were playing that before you were born my friend.”

    • I’m not really getting your point here. Do you think that people should stop playing and exploring bebop?

    • I didn’t think it would be so involved ,it’s only my opinion of course. All music has it’s own sociology. Everybody could tell you the time period or background of the minuet,mariachi , bluegrass or bebop. You can play and love anything you want. I think it was back in the 80’s when I was studying at the Rhthym Section Workshop in NY trying to get my head around jazz theory ,chords,modulations etc. when one day I realized I didn’ care for the music and was never gonna use this stuff ever in my “art”. I love Jaco but his version of “Donna Lee” did nothing for me. Don’t take it personal,some people think 3 guitars in a southern rock band is retarded. I was once offered a reggae gig and even though I had a good feel I knew heart and soul I wasn’t into it. Jaco thought Charlie Parker ” played great lines”,to me he was a strange man and it kinda colors the music. My “point” was just what I said-” Bop had its time and space”- heyday; and I really don’t ” care for that kind of thing” Peace. Play on brother.

  11. Giving props where props are due! GREAT! Now I’m off to burn my bass for firewood :)

  12. Swingin’! Very impressed.

  13. Well, I never…and probably never will. Shew.

  14. holy cow, he is nailing it perfectly, even the crazy grace notes, and all on a 4 string. Beautiful! It really doesn’t matter what everyone thinks, its his way of doing something that obviously means a lot to him, and if we can watch and think wow, Jaco did that stuff too, its a beautiful thing. This cat can probably play anything he wants to, he is expressing himself, and sharing it with us all, isn’t that right, Johan? rock on brudduh!

  15. Dude… that’s SICK

  16. Don

    That was really nice.