Ampeg Releases Micro-CL Stack

Ampeg Micro-CL StackAmpeg has unveiled the Micro-CL Stack, a “micro-sized SVT” rated at 100-watts. The solid state head and 2×10 cabinet resemble the company’s iconic SVT-CL at a fraction of the size.

Available only as a set, the “mini fridge” have many of the same features as their larger counterparts, including a dedicated FX Loop, a stereo input, a headphone output, a 3-band EQ, and a balanced direct out.

The Ampeg Micro-CL Stack will be available in the U.S. this month, with an international release closer to April. It will carry an MSRP of $499.

Ampeg Micro-CL Stack Specs:

  • 100-watt Head
  • Includes 2 x 10” Cab
  • Stereo Input
  • Headphone Ouput for Silent Practice
  • Effects Hoop
  • Direct Out

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  1. What are the quality of the speakers and how would they rate against a Eden 2×10 cabinet? I’m jus wondering if the speakers will crap out at high volume with the 100 watt head? I’m looking for a lil amp for jammin , but don’t trust lil amps anymore, so I drag around my Eden 4x10xlt and 18″ cabinet, rack mount. It doesn’t fart at all!

  2. Looks like a great li’l amp for those teeny tiny venues when you don’t have a drummer with you.

  3. Might be cool for recording, but I already have the Ampeg SVX and it sounds great!

  4. Pretty curious to find out how this little baby sounds. I’m 12 hours from any good size center where there might be a music store that handle’s these. But Hope to hear one soon.

  5. It’s so dam “Cute” Probably pretty good for practice.

  6. Problem with Ampeg Micro Stack CL crack sound.
    second (yes, you read right, this is the second one!) micro stack cl (ampeg) that I´ve tried with the same problem: crack sound.
    Not a clip or overdrive type of clip, but a crack like when you set a digital signal too hot. Not a pleasant sound.