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Ernie Ball Introduces Cobalt Slinky Bass Strings

Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Bass StringsErnie Ball has expanded their Slinky string line with the introduction of the all-new Cobalt Slinkys.

As the name indicates, the new sets use cobalt, which has a high magnetism to provide a stronger relationship between an instrument’s strings and pickups.

Ernie Ball says the design adds extended dynamic range, better harmonic response, increased low end, and cleaner highs.

The company plans to have the Cobalt Slinky bass strings available in all of the same gauges as the company’s other Slinky lines, and will be hitting stores in mid-March. The expected street price is $29.99 per set.

Here’s an introduction video from Ernie Ball:

For more information, check out Ernie Ball’s website.