Traynor Introduces DynaBlock Series at NAMM

Traynor DynaBlock Series Bass Amp

Traynor introduced their DynaBlock series of bass amplifiers at NAMM this year. Central to the line is the DNB 400 head, which is then implemented into 1×12, 1×15, and 2×10 combos. Rated at 400 watts, the head has active and passive instrument inputs to accommodate all basses.

Tone controls on the amp include a 4-band EQ and a Low Frequency Expander that helps to tune bottom end response. The DynaBlock 400 also has an XLR DI output, a front-mounted tuner output, and a 1/4” headphone output.

Though all the details on the combos are still being worked out, Traynor says the construction will be solid plywood with all metal grills. They will also have tweeters with rear-mounted defeat switches.

The Traynor DNB 400 amp will list for $799, while pricing on the combos is not yet final. For more info, visit the Traynor website.

Traynor DynaBlock Series Specs:

  • 400 Watts
  • 4-band EQ w/ Low Frequency Expander
  • Active and Passive Instrument Level Inputs
  • Front Mounted ¼-inch Tuner Output
  • XLR Balanced D.I Output Switchable Pre / Post
  • Dual Color Active/ Standby Jewel Light
  • ¼-inch Headphone Output (rear)
  • All Metal Chassis
  • Rear Mounted Tweeter Defeat Switch (Combos)
  • Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction (Combos)
  • All Metal Grille to Protect Speaker Components (Combos)

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  1. Tell me how this is different than their current 400 watt head or the older yorkeville 400 watt head before that… They had all the same features. Though I will say this is the most visually striking yet!

    • Or even the much older Traynor Monoblock or Monoblock II 400w heads

    • Appears that this @ 13 lbs is Class D power, and does not have the 12AX7 pre-amp of the 400W Bassmaster. I’m looking forward to seeing a street price. If is as good as the rest of the new Traynor line I would suspect will be good competition for the Genz Benz / GK micro & mini heads.

  2. Is this a digital (class D)? A Ampeg PF500 is only $400 for 500 watts!