Dingwall Adds Super P Standard 4 To Super P Series

Dingwall unveiled the 4-string version of their new Super P model at Musikmesse this year as a follow-up to the SP5 from NAMM. Sharing many of the same features, the Super P Standard 4 is built with a carbon fiber reinforced 5-piece maple neck and 2-3 piece alder body with a high gloss finish.

Of course, the morado fingerboard is equipped with the Novax Fanned-Fret system and sports 22 frets.

Available in active or passive versions, the bass comes with Dingwall’s Super P pickup set. While the passive model has their Tone-Fusion circuit, the active version adds an East P-retro preamp system.

The Dingwall Super P Standard 4 is available now with a base-price of $2,400. For more info, check out the Dingwall website.

Dingwall Super P Standard 4 Bass Specs:

  • Novax Fanned-fret System
  • 5-Piece Maple neck
  • Morado Fingerboard
  • 22 Frets
  • Alder body with High Gloss
  • Custom Hipshot tuners
  • Thickness balanced body
  • Dingwall designed bridge (made by Hipshot)
  • Dingwall neodymium powered pickups
  • Tone-Fusion circuit

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  1. do companies not realize people cannot afford these expensive things anymore…. yes it is beautiful, but why not build something affordable?

    • Maybe you can’t Bob, speak for yourself. Although I really don’t care for this bass.

    • Agreed – how dare a true custom builder charge $2,400 (a third of the price of some custom shop Fenders [which aren’t even THAT custom] that are, imo, of much lesser quality) for a piece as great sounding, and good looking as this. Dingwall has a history of excellence, and, imo, the price is MORE than justified. -.-


  2. then why did you feel compelled to respond, for the sake of arguing?