fIREHOSE releases “lowFLOWs: The Columbia Anthology (’91 – ’93)”

fIREHOSE: lowFLOWs: The Columbia Anthology ('91 - '93)Alternative rock band fIREHOSE, anchored by bassist Mike Watt, have released a new box set featuring their work from the early ’90s. lowFLOWs: The Columbia Anthology (’91 – ’93) offers up 45 tracks, including both of the band’s albums on Columbia Records (Flyin’ The Flannel and Mr. Machinery Operator), as well as 15 tracks of out-of-print and previously unreleased recordings.

Among the out-of-print and unreleased recordings are tunes from A Matter of Degrees: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, fIREHOSE’s EP, Live Totem Pole, GeNrECidE: A Compilation and the promo single, Big Bottom Pow Wow.

As we reported in February, the trio – which also consists of guitarist Ed Crawford and drummer George Hurley – are currently on tour.

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lowFLOWs: The Columbia Anthology Track List:

Disc 1:

  1. Down With The Bass
  2. Up Finnegan’s Ladder
  3. Can’t Believe
  4. Walking The Cow
  5. Flyin’ The Flannel
  6. Epoxy For Example
  7. O’er the Town Of Pedro
  8. Too Long
  9. The First Cuss
  10. Anti-Misogyny Maneuver
  11. Toolin’
  12. Song For Dave Alvin
  13. Tien An Man Dream Again
  14. Lost Colors
  15. Towin’ The Line
  16. Losers, Boozers, & Heroes
  17. Max and Wells
  18. Down With The Bass (Instrumental Version)
  19. The Red and the Black (Live Version)
  20. Sophisticated Bitch (Live Version)
  21. Revolution Pt. 2 (Live Version)
  22. Slack Motherf****r (Live Version)
  23. What Gets Heard (Live Version)
  24. Mannequin (Live Version)
  25. Makin’ the Freeway (Live Version)

Disc 2:

  1. Formal Introduction
  2. Blaze
  3. Herded into Pools
  4. Witness
  5. Number Seven
  6. Powerful Hankerin’
  7. Rocket Sled/Fuel Tank
  8. Quicksand
  9. Disciples of the 3-Way
  10. More Famous Quotes
  11. Sincerely
  12. Hell-Hole
  13. 4.29.92
  14. The Cliffs Thrown Down
  15. Blaze (Instrumental Version)
  16. Witness (Mersh Again Edit)
  17. 4.29.92 (Live Version)
  18. Powerful Hankerin’ (Live Version)
  19. Tien An Man Dream Again (Live Version)
  20. Formal Introduction (Live Version)

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