Kristian Persson Elements, with Johan Hansén-Larson: Boombap

You may remember Johan Hansén-Larson from his unbelievable note-for-note performance of Cannonball Adderly’s solo on “Minority”. The bassist sent us a video of one of his current projects with trombonist Kristian Persson.

Besides laying down some really nasty grooves, Hansén-Larson gets some time to shine in a bass solo starting at the two minute mark.

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  1. Those guys are soooooo sick, could listen to them for hoours! ^_^

  2. Well, nobody asked me for a commentary but I’m givin’ it up, anyway. Overall, these guys are tight but what’s more important to me is they were happy making music together. Johan has some serious chops and his control is impeccable. I love his muting techniques opening up to the short and very tasteful grooves. Loved the solo. As Jordan said, I could listen to these guys for hours!