Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Stanley Clarke & Omar Hakim: Cantelope Island, Live (1991)

Live Under the Sky 1991 featured a great line-up of Herbie Hancock with Wayne Shorter, Stanley Clarke and Omar Hakim. Here’s the quartet playing Herbie’s “Cantelope Island” and ripping it up.

Stanley plays a solo after the half-way mark, and really locks in with Omar. Stanley even quotes MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”. Ha.


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  1. pure awesomeness. Always loved Stanley, but these four guys killed it. Amazing.

  2. Real musicianship at its best!

  3. off the hook. nothing like live, jammin, top notch musicians. This is old school at it’s best!

  4. man, that drummer knows how to communicate! id love to play with him sometime!

  5. Masters all! My friend Omar is just killin’!

  6. fairly cool. any idea where the dvd can be sourced?

  7. Some of the greatest musicians on the planet right here!

  8. Oh, this is so GOOD! True Jamming session! I’ve sen each of these guys play Live before but, never together like this!